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We are hiring!

The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force are currently accepting applications for two full-time Constables.  Please refer to our Recruiting Section for details on how to apply.  Applications will be accepted until June 1st, 2017.  If you have any questions please contact Acting Inspector Anika Becker at

Children's Wish Foundation Princess & Superhero Tea Party

Princess Tea Party and Superhero’s Included!!…for the first time EVER Superhero’s and Princess in the same venue. Two magical events under one roof….something for everyone.  The Princess Tea and Superhero Party is an extraordinary day jam packed with excitement for the inner child in all of us! This year's NEW AND IMPROVED event features: a stage show, music / dancing, sweet treats, beauty parlour, hero room, royal crafts, treat bags, and photos / autographs with your favourite princess or hero (so be sure to bring your cameras). Two Seatings – 11 AM and 3PM Click here for more information or to buy tickets!

We are excited to support this upcoming Princess & Superhero Party.

Hope to see you there!!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Every year members of the KRPF respond to numerous calls regarding thefts from motor vehicles. Things like GPS devices, purses, laptops, cell phones, IPods, money, and gift cards are stolen. These things are hot ticket items because they are easily pawned or sold for quick cash. This happens because vehicles are left unlocked with property inside.

In 2016 members of the KRPF are hoping to see a reduction in property crime and theft. It is very easy to prevent becoming a victim of “car shopping”.  Three simple steps will go a long way to reducing the chance of being a target:

  1. Remove any item that could be of value to a thief.  The most popular items are listed above but they are not the only things that are stolen. Any electronic device (PSPs, video games, portable DVD players, etc) should be brought inside when the vehicle is not in use. If thieves can see it, they will steal it.
  2. Take your keys inside with you and lock your vehicle. This is extremely important! A locked vehicle is a major deterrent for criminals. They do not want to make any unnecessary noise by fighting with a locked vehicle. However, leaving keys in the car is very inviting for a thief. If you want to keep your car, bring your keys inside with you.
  3. Park safely. If you park in your garage remember to shut the garage door and make sure the man door is locked. If you do not have a garage, be sure to park in a well-lit area. Turn your outside lights on at night so your cars remain lit.

Theft of ATV

On March 14th, 2016 the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force received a report of a stolen Red Cam-Am Four-Wheeler from the Hammond River Road area. The theft occurred between the hours of 2-4pm and police are asking the public for assistance. If you have seen: ATV’s in the area of Hammond River Road, or Highway 100 being transported by trailer or in back of a pickup truck between these hours, or if you have dash cam footage during this time frame to contact police.

Kennebecasis Valley Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to the arrest of the individual(s) responsible. Remember, Crime Stoppers wants your information, not your name. Please contact Crime Stoppers with any information at:

Telephone: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)


Text: 'TIP212 and your information' to CRIMES (274637)

March Break Activity - KV Superstore, Rothesay

Looking for an activity to cap off March Break? Join us this Friday, March 11th for the Meet your Police Officer event at the KV Superstore in Rothesay from 1-3 pm upstairs in the eating area. KRPF officers look forward to seeing you there!

The Push for Change

On Friday, February 26th, 2016 members from the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force and other police agencies from around New Brunswick attended a motivational speech at St. Thomas University Campus in Fredericton.

Joe Roberts is also known as the Skid Row CEO.  When he talks about his passion for helping the homeless, he knows what they’re going through from a first-hand experience.  He lived on the streets of Vancouver addicted to drugs before, with the assistance of others including a police officer who saw the potential in him, turned his life around and eventually became the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

Beginning in May, he’ll be taking that passion across Canada in the Push for a Change. He’ll be pushing a shopping cart across the country for 517 days as part of a national awareness and youth empowerment project to help end youth homelessness.

You can find out more about the Push for Change and Joe Roberts at his website

Watch this three minute video explaining the Push for Change at




Youth arrested for theft of vehicle

On Thursday, March 03rd, 2016 at approximately 4am this morning, officers from the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force and Saint John Police Force were searching for a maroon colour Ford F-150, that was reported stolen and involved in a hit and run from the Best Western Hotel in Saint John.

At 8am this morning, the vehicle was located by the RCMP on the Kingston Peninsula and failed to stop. The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force spotted the vehicle coming off the Gondola Point Ferry heading southbound on Highway #119.

Officers pursued the vehicle until it stopped where the suspects fled from the vehicle on Lake Road, Quispamsis.  A short foot chase occurred and Kennebecasis Regional Police Force officers arrested both subjects.

This matter is still under investigation by police agencies for the charges of: Theft of Motor Vehicle, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Failing to Stop for Police and Breach of Probation.

A friendly reminder for motorists

As you clean off your car and get ready to head out, please remember to clear the windshield from any ice or snow. Properly defrost your windshield to allow for clear visibility. Failure to do so is a $172.50 fine under the New Brunswick Motor vehicle act Section 238 (1) (a).

238 (1) No person shall operate on a highway a motor vehicle (a) with any non-transparent material on the front windshield, side wings or side or rear windows of such vehicle



What is it?

Community members are collecting warm items to distribute to people in the KV area so that they are a little warmer in the cold winter months.

How can I help?

Take a look around for any extra scarves, hats, gloves, or mittens you no longer use. Any size will do and new or gently used items will be accepted.

Where can I drop off items?

We have 3 locations that items can be dropped off:

1) Intuitions Spa & Salon – 131 Hampton Road, Rothesay

2) Valley Christian Academy – 30 Vincent Road, Quispamsis.

3) Marr Road Irving – 4 Marr Road, Rothesay


Donations will be accepted until February 9th.

What will be done with our donation?

On February 12th, 2016 Kennebecasis Regional Police Force members and organizers will be handing out clothing to those in need.

Winter Driving Safety Tips - be prepared, be safe!

Are you prepared for anything?

Test the battery and electrical systems

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle's electrical system and battery, and the increased power demands of defrosters, windshield wipers and heating systems makes an electrical system test a must.

Check coolant and other fluids

While it's more common to worry about the cooling system in the summer, it's just as important to check it in the winter. If your car's coolant is not mixed correctly, it could freeze and damage your radiator or engine.

Maximize winter vision

Darkness and blinding snowstorm, coupled with shorter days, can dramatically reduce a motorist's vision during the winter

Equipped for the road

Once your car is in good shape for the winter months, make sure it's stocked with anything you might need, should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Make sure you and your car are properly equipped before you leave

You will need a soft-bristled snow brush and a plastic ice scraper, or one device that combines the two.

Other tools suited for unpredictable winter conditions include a collapsible shovel, a well-stocked emergency first aid kit and a set of jumper cables.

In case your vehicle becomes immobilized in deep snow you can either buy a set of traction pads or use some scrap pieces of carpet that you keep in the trunk.

When packing for a longer trip include items such as a blanket, a flashlight, candles and a lighter, flares and an extra bottle of windshield washer fluid.

Remember to have sunglasses in the car as well. It's amazing to see how many people drive in the winter without them. The glare of the sun off of snow and ice can be more intense in the winter than it is in the summer.

Slow down and drive smoothly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but even if you're driving an SUV or a four-wheel-drive truck, you cannot safely do 110 kph during a snowstorm. Four-wheel-drive may help your vehicle get going in the slushy stuff, but it's of no use when you're trying to steer or safely stop on a slippery road surface.

It is also important to avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and turns. Doing so can cause your vehicle to lose traction and can launch you into an uncontrollable skid, leading to a collision.

Driving too quickly is the main cause of accidents in winter conditions. Just be patient and accept the fact that it is going to take longer to arrive at your destination.

Do not tailgate

It is important to remember that it takes a much longer distance to stop your vehicle in the snow or ice due to the greatly reduced traction, even with just a light covering on the road. You may think that the driver in front of you doing 80 kph on the freeway is going too slow and needs a reminder in the form of you riding their bumper, but doing so is dangerous. Be patient and stay back until it's safe to pass, if you can at all.

Tailgating often leads to accidents, especially if you are driving in stop-and-go traffic. If the car in front of you stops abruptly and you are following too closely, you can reflexively slam on the brakes and end up sliding into it. The resulting accident may be no more than a fender-bender, but having to deal with it on a busy road in the snow is certainly something that you want to avoid, especially if other cars are sliding around as well. Many serious accident injuries come from a second impact from another car after a seemingly trivial collision.

Do not use cruise control

For some, driving with cruise control has become almost second nature. Sure, it prevents you from getting leg fatigue, keeps you from unwittingly speeding and is great on long trips, but driving with it on in winter conditions can be unsafe. Using cruise control in the snow, ice or even rain is dangerous because if your car hydroplanes or skids, it will accelerate and rapidly spin the wheels since it will be trying to maintain a constant speed. If this happens, it will be more likely that you lose control of your vehicle.

Pull over or stay home

If at any point during your trip -- or before you even leave -- you feel that the weather is too bad to continue driving, simply stay put. If you're out on the road, find a safe spot to pull over and wait until the weather passes or calms to the point where you feel comfortable driving again. If you haven't left yet, stay home and off the roads.

Who Needs Snow Tires?

Anyone who routinely drives in snowy, icy winter weather can benefit from snow tires. Winter tires are totally different from the summer tires or all-season tires fitted to most cars when they come from the factory. Simply put, they are designed for winter conditions, without all the compromises that get made in designing an all-season tire.

Winter tires are made of a rubber compound that does not lose its flexibility below 0 Celsius. This is important because the rubber compound in a winter tire must be able to move and flex in order for the special tread design to effectively clear the road surface of snow, ice, water and slush, as well as bite through that muck to gain traction.

The tread design of snow tires is also different. This makes them much more desirable because they can self-clean; channelling water out from under the tire’s footprint, while also biting into ice for better traction. This is accomplished by designing the tread pattern to move as the tire rolls down the roadway. The special rubber compound allows for this flexing.

One of the other big questions drivers have is whether they need snow tires for all four tires? The answer is yes. Ideally, you should put four snow tires on the vehicle because the axle set that has the regular tires on it will not be able to maintain the same level of traction and consequently those wheels will slip and slide.


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