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2021 Term Employment

KRPF is currently seeking applications for 2021 Term Employment. Please visit our Recruiting Page for  more information and to complete the application package. Only qualified applicants will be considered.


"Opioid Use Disorder Exists in New Brunswick"


"In recent years, an opioid epidemic has swept through North America, spawning a public health crisis. While opioids are legitimately prescribed by doctors to control pain, some people can quickly become dependent on them.

What’s more, illicit opioids, including the dangerous drug fentanyl, are often bought on the street. Too many Canadians have seen a loved one become dependent on prescribed or illicit opioids, often with devastating results. Every day, about 11 Canadians die from opioid-related incidents.

New Brunswick is not immune to this trend. Opioids like oxycodone, dilaudid and morphine are prescribed by doctors in this province, and illegal and synthetic opioids can be found on our streets or are added to other illicit drugs.

Taken as prescribed, opioids can help safely manage pain or treat chronic conditions – but it’s crucial that New Brunswickers understand the risks that come with any form of opioid use."

Please visit the Government of New Brunswick website for more information -

Welcome ROSA!

Rosa aaron & lindseyPlease welcome ROSA to the force! She is an Assisted Therapy Dog in training. Thank you to Canine Therapy for First Responders for making this possible!

Rosa, is a female chocolate Labrador Retriever, bred by Atlantic Coast Labradors. She is 4 months old and is eager to begin bonding and training with her new handlers, Cpl. Lindsey Mott-Haines and Cpl. Aaron Haines.

Rosa is expected to begin regular training for her assisted therapy dog certification in June.