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Current Warrants




The Kennebecasis Regional Police are looking for the following individuals who are wanted on warrants of arrest or on warrants of committal. We are seeking your assistance in resolving criminal and/or court proceedings. If anyone has any information they are asked to contact the KRPF at 847-6300 or NB Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Kennebecasis Crime Stoppers have authorized pre-approved rewards of $500 for any information

that leads to the arrest of individuals wanted on Criminal Warrants of Arrest. Warrants eligible for the pre-approved reward will be marked accordingly on the Warrant page of our website. Traffic and Committal warrants are not eligible for rewards.


David Matthew PERRY, age 22
Warrant of Arrest Unlawfully in dwelling house, Fail to attend court
Warrant of Arrest Theft under, Fail to attend court
Warrant of Arrest Mischief, Breach of Probation, Fail to attend court

Jonathan Henry LAVOIE, age 41
Warrant of Arrest Theft Under, Fail to attend Court

Justin James ACKERSON, age 29
Warrant of Arrest Driving without valid licence, Driving with no insurance, no valid registration

Kenneth Joseph Daniel BREAU, age 53
Warrant of Committal Driving while suspended

Natalie Lane GIROUARD, age 37
Warrant of Arrest, Driving over 80 mgs, Fail to attend court

Shelia Dawn BULGARIS, age 50
Warrant of Arrest, Utter forged document, Fail to attend court X2

Jennifer Lynne DIXON, age 41
Warrant of Arrest Fraud

Cole Shannon SEARS, age 25
Warrant of Arrest Bylaw

Dirk Jan VAN ROOYEN, age 40
Warrant of Arrest Theft

Douglas Joseph SMITH, age 42
Warrant of Committal Driving while Suspended

Melanie Dawn Young, age 37
Warrant of Arrest Theft
Warrant of Arrest Theft
Warrant of Arrest Fail to Attend

Jodie D BOURQUE, age 33
Warrant of Arrest Possession Sch II Drugs

Phillip Anthony CURTIS, age 39       (Pre-Approved Reward $500)
Warrant of arrest for breaking & entering

Bryan Delbert COGSWELL, age 35
Warrant of Arrest for Theft

Zachariah Lanteigne, age 21
Warrant of Committal for Breach of Undertaking

Sarah Lee Anne PERRY, age 33
Warrant of Arrest for Fraud

Ernest William ANDREWS, age 40
Warrant of Arrest for Impaired Driving

Danielle Marie RICE, age 33
Warrant of Arrest for Theft under and Fail to attend court