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The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force is continually looking for good people to become part of our team. If you are a hardworking, community oriented individual who believes in going the extra mile this may be the organization for you. We pride ourselves in our customer service and our professional approach to policing as evidenced by our mission statement and values.

The selection process for those interested in working with us is conducted by our Human Resource Team. The team consists of our two Inspectors and a group of members from our Department. No member of the team has more influence than any other and it is truly a collaborative effort. When selecting candidates the team considers four main categories. These categories are Education, Experience, Diversity and Past Performance. The education category looks at post secondary education and police related training. The experience category considers previous police experience or similar work. The Diversity category deals with the organizations desire to be inclusive and representative of the community. Finally the Past Performance category is an all inclusive area that looks at an individuals past, including volunteerism, recommendations, previous employment and the like.

No category is given more weight than any other and successful candidates selected do not always score high in all four categories. For example, this is particularly true with recent Police Academy Graduates who in all likelihood have no previous police experience.

Thank you for your interest in The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force and we hope to hear from you in the near future.