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General Patrol

The Patrol Section is the backbone of any Police Service. This section provides 24/7 active patrol and emergency response throughout the community. Members assigned on patrol conduct general investigations and provide assistance to the public as required.

Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle patrol provides greater visibility in areas that are more difficult to patrol by motor vehicle, including public housing, retail centers, and beaches. Officers have easier access to congested areas than officers in motor vehicles and cover a larger area than officers on foot. Bicycles offer an effective approach and are quick, quiet, and can pursue suspects through areas police cruisers cannot reach.

Bicycle patrol officers perform the duties of a regular officer. When weather and staffing permit, the officers are assigned to bicycle patrol duties. These duties include:

  • Response to calls for service
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Community policing
  • Special detail
  • Bicycle safety education
  • Special events

Bicycle Patrol Officers cover much of the same as patrol officers with the exception of being able to access areas that police cars cannot.  Bicycle Patrol Officers can also attend special events such as parades, bicycle rodeos, sporting events and festivals.

Any questions about the Bicycle Patrol Unit, or request for a Bicycle Patrol Officer to attend a special function or event, please contact Cst. Mark Ivey.