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Auxiliary Unit

Auxiliary Constable Program

Auxiliary Constables are citizens appointed as peace officers pursuant to the New-Brunswick Police Act for the purpose of enhancing the KennebecasisĀ Regional Police Force regular members.

The auxiliary program compliments community based policing by training to a level of proficiency that will enable them to provide assistance to members during the performance of their duties. Auxiliary Constables may perform the following duties: are active in crime prevention programs, assist with crowd and traffic control at various community events, and other duties as authorized by the management or duty Sergeant.

The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force have two tiers in the Auxiliary Constable Program as outlined below:

Tier 1 Description

Auxiliary Constables are sworn in as Peace Officers pursuant to the NB Police Act and have the powers and authority of a peace officer but only when accompanied by and under the supervision of a regular police officer. Auxiliary Officers do not carry firearms and accompany regular members on general patrol duties.

Tier 2 Description

The auxiliary members can be seen performing duties such as public education initiatives, non-enforcement support to operations, community fundraising events and participation in parades and public ceremonies.