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Chaplain Unit

The Chaplain Unit was formed on January 24, 2007 as a support unit to the members of the KRPF, both officer and civilian and their immediate families. This continues to be an important aspect of the Unit but they have since evolved into an emergency response resource for officers dealing with civilians in crisis who might benefit from the services of a chaplain. They respond to Sudden Deaths (at the request of the officer in charge or the survivors) and they do many of the Next of Kin death notifications in company with a regular officer.  All the Chaplains are trained in counselling.

All Chaplains are currently ordained or licensed clergy, representing different denominations.  The current members of the unit are all volunteers who act as chaplains with the permission and support of their own denominational governing bodies. They are appointed directly by the Chief of Police and report to the Inspector of Administration.

The Kennebecasis Valley has a very high percentage of people of faith from many religions. The Chaplain Unit attempts to maintain contact with every faith group they come across in the valley.