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Chaplain Unit

The police chaplains are appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the officers of The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force and to the residents of the Valley.

Police Chaplains are from a range of faiths and denominations who respect and care for all members and staff, regardless of religious belief. The police chaplains make every effort to be available to listen to the problems and concerns within the department and to share the grief, sorrows, and the joys, both individually and collectively. More specifically, the duties of the police chaplain include:

  1. Being called to the scene of a traumatic incident to provide comfort to victims, families of victims, and the officers involved.
  2. Accompanying the officer deployed to notifying next-of-kin in death or serious injury incidents.
  3. Offer follow-up assistance to victims of crisis through the Office of Victim Services.
  4. Furnish referral or resource assistance in the faith communities.
  5. Give confidential counsel to police personnel.
  6. Be available to families of officers in traumatic situations.
  7. Provide personal or family counseling to department personnel and their families.
  8. Help with Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to all first responders.
  9. Visit sick or injured department employees.
  10. Conduct invocations at department functions such as awards ceremonies, retirement parties, seasonal events, building and facility dedications, or at any other appropriate event.
  11. Organizing and conducting events designed to enhance morale and well-being of department members and their families.
  12. Provide for the spiritual needs of prisoners and their families if requested.